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Fran Dale

Karen, you have my unequivocal admiration. Fran


Morning Fran
Chuckling and wondering why.....

Fran Dale

It's a relatively rare person who can not only think way outside of the box, but is also transparent enough to share it......foregoing defensiveness for wonder. That is what I admire about what you are doing.
Personally, I am looking at things as being valuable for general adaptability, which is not the whole purpose of the exercise, I realise. Anyway, I am thinking that you are inviting feedback and dialogue, am I right?? Otherwise the "comments" column would read "compliments," and that would might curtail two-way communication to a great extent.
The subject of smoothies is funny for me, because my sister and I tried once on vacation to have one big whopper every morning. She was very enthusiastic. I tried very hard. Finally, I said, "How come everything tastes good on it's own, but tastes like s--- thrown together??" So we both decided we like things separately.
My one nod to smoothies is to emulsify spirolina powder (known as pond scum) in a blender with orange juice and frozen cranberries. I can speak with authority that that combination increases your energy level, and it's not hard to drink.
I know that all the vegetable you are getting is very beneficial and alkalizing. So carry on if you can; thumbs up!! Fran


Hello Fran
Now your comment makes sense - I appreciate your sharing the 'story' behind it - and I enjoy humour whenever it appears: you and your sister in the 'duelling smoothie caper'. Neat. I was curious about what I had done to merit your admiration and the explanation tickled not only my mind but my elbow as well - um, isn't that where the funny bone resides?

And yes - I welcome and value feedback/dialogue - rich communication.

Will check into spirolina!

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