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Crafty Gardener

I think that is great and I will be giving it a try. I've shied away from Tunisian stitch before, but you make it seem very easy.


Morning Crafty. I would much appreciate feedback on your trying it. It is worthy of being 'discovered'.

laughing purple goldfish

I am just discovering tunisian myself... fun!

love the idea of using it for the handle... I am always on the lookout for different handle options for my bags... thanks karen

Crafty Gardener

I did my tunisian crochet and it turned out great. I would never of tried it without your teeny tiny tutorial. I'll get some photos and post my finished project in a day or so. Thanks for all your help.


Hello laughing Collective consciousness must be happening.....I love it when this happens.....it does make a nice handle, firm and yet flexible. And I think it would size down to three stitches. Hmmmm....have to try this.


Hi Crafty I'm looking forward to your post on your project. Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you so much for the photos! I was so confused by the directions regarding the " how to for the Tunisian stitch" on other sites. I am also using a regular crochet hook. Seeing it made the stich seem simple....thank you again!


You are more than welcome, Valerie; I'm glad they were helpful. I was playing around with the stitch last night and came up with another version which I will post next week. I like the rhythm of tunisian crochet.


did you make that little etui AFTER our KoffiKafe' gathering last night?
bring your 'double ended' crochet hook and yarn on Friday and teach us how to do this stitch...thanks.
Off to Blankets4Canada at 1pm. Haven't seen 'the gang' since Dec. 4th of LAST year.


i just wonder can you use more than 5 stitches? surely you can.. and the turning its optional.. more research is needed lol i havent crocheted in years due to hand surgery/damage i think i am recovered enuff to begin somethings ive loved and missed so look out walmart here i come to stock up! thanks for the inspiration


Morning Sandra Yes, number of stitches is only limited by length of hook and they have Tunisian crochet hooks with flexible tails beyond the hook. You don't turn - you work the first row (two rows make up one row in Tunisian crochet ) by picking up stitches and then, without turning, work back along the row 'getting rid of' those stitches so you end up with one stitch again. You might find it easier than regular crochet because the motions are different - more a flow as in knitting than a pick and scoop as in crochet. Good luck and have fun!

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