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Fran Dale

Hi Again; I am just about in the same boat as you, as nearly everything I have is second hand by now. I agree that it is fun. I can find cashmere sweaters at the thrift store for 5 bucks, True, they may not be my color, but I have dyed one.
I had to say that my one purchase that has to be new is shoes. Last week I purchased 2 pairs of brand new Crocs. I am enamoured of Crocs. I even wear them in the winter with thick socks, as they are practically skid-proof with their big treads. Consider buying new Crocs. Cheers Fran from Calgary


Good morning Fran
I know there are many people who are sharing this adventure and I love to hear details, so thanks! What did you dye the cashmere with? And have you any luck felting cashmere sweaters? And if so what did you do? I have Crocs - I will definitely try them outdoors - skid proof footwear is high on my list of things to know about.

Fran Dale

Karen; I use an acid dye .......I use them to dye wool warps for weaving scarves......gives a nice subtle effect and takes away from the blocky look. It's bad for the environment, but I do love color. I use vitamin C tablets for the mordant. I have only dyed one cashmere sweater; it was darkish grey in a loose peasant style with elastic neckline. I cut it up the middle, dyed it violet, and wear it all the time tied as a shrug. So light and warm.
I don't know blog protocol; very well/ I found a few weaving sites and then yours. Hope it's okay to comment without my having a blog. I admire all the time and energy that goes into one, but doubt I shall ever do one of my own. I've never even got around to journalling.
I/ve never tried to felt cashmere; it shrinks a bit each time it's washed, though.
A lady in seattle unwinds them and uses the wool for weft in shawls, and bamboo for warp. She offers $50 credit for each sweater toward a scarf or shawl; I managed to send her eight. I have another dozen or so sweaters; I can't imagine unravelling that fine yarn; my eyes aren't that good, I guess. Cheers Fran


Morning Fran
More than okay to comment! The only thing that comes to mind is that if you had a blog I could then see your woven scarves with the dyed wool warps - I like how you say it gives a "subtle effect and takes away from the blocky look". They sound gorgeous. Vitamin C for the mordant had me smiling.

laughing purple goldfish

just wanted to say THAT SPOON IS AMAZING!!!

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