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Crafty Gardener

I love the buttons that were probably wood samples.


Morning Linda
They do retain the tree aspect, don't they. And now I know what locust wood looks like.


I've been thinking buttons too - and plan to make some Saori buttons...

Love all the different styles and thoughts on buttons.


the one set of buttons you are showing might be slices of deer horns...I have earrings made from some....


Hi Esther
Could be horn, hmmm.

laughing purple goldfish

loving the buttons you have been making! they have so much character to them...

I was thinking about you just yesterday... I was out 'op shopping' and came across a huge stash of silk ties... I petted them for a while, contemplating what could be made from them, but didn't take them home with me. Karen would know what to do with them, I thought to myself :)


Morning Terri
Much looking forward to your Saori buttons!


Hello Mrs. Goldfish
Ooooh - a tie sighting! - and what fun you thought of me. I wonder how much they sell for in thruft (I am going to leave that typo!) shops in your part of the world. They are usually 50 cents to a dollar (Canadian) here but sometime I come across them for 25 cents and then it is hard to resist buying a bunch. Am using some as weft in a weaving project and will post when it is done. Good to hear from you.

laughing purple goldfish

here in australia, you would pay at least $1 for a tie... and up to $3 in the fancier op shops

looking forward to seeing the weaving!


Morning Ms Goldfish Thanks for that info - generally $1 is standard but less cost is common too and in Value Village they are usually $3.95.

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