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I love the fact that the process is so simple...folding only (no cutting). fabric origami! There's something so beautiful about simplifying the creative process to it's bareness. How great would it be if someone would recognize one of the ties as their granfather's tie :)

Crafty Gardener

I love that last bag with the silky ties. Such a great idea.


Morning ktok
Yes, it is exactly that which attracted me - the simplicity and the origami aspect - the "bareness". Essence. Oh, and the serendipity of someone recognizing one of the ties! Or using family ties to create their own. Merci!


Hello Crafty
I feel a bit 'addicted' by this at the moment - suspect I am staring at a tie as it passes by me on a gent and narrowing my eyes..... What fun. Am thinking they would 'weather' well in a garden and could be planted in.... hmmmm......?


I LOVE the bags with the ties! Such a wonderful idea!
My dad has some old ties from the '70s that I could steal.... thank you for sharing!


Hi Doni
Thanks. I am sure your dad will be pleased.

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