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Crafty Gardener

Karen, you are so inventive with your use of old clothing. I love the pooch purse. I just read a book where one of the characters trained purse dogs. It was Goodbye Dolly by the same author you mentioned. I'll have to look for the one you had the next time I'm at the library.

laughing purple goldfish

thanks for linking to me Karen :)

What a gorgeous skirt... I wouldn't have been able to cut that one up... I would have had to add it to my wardrobe


Morning Crafty Yes, I am now on the lookout for Goodbye Dolly at the library. Esther sent me a photo of an old school desk used in the garden and I thought it looked familiar....yesterday at one of our knit cafe's she told me it was yours and then I realized I'd seen it on your site. Small world!


Hello Laughing My hesitation in cutting up the skirt was that someone else could have enjoyed it as a skirt - which is why I like it when the garment is 'damaged' and then I feel I truly 'rescue' it. Pooch purse was well received at our knit cafe yesterday and pooch was named "Daisy." Today she will make her appearance in public and that should lead to some interesting conversations. I love wearable art for this aspect. Still working away at the easy peasy bag in rope - a bit hard on the hands so doing a bit at a time.

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