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Hope you are bringing some buns to knitting this afternoon!!!

I must look up my neat no-yeast bread that is baked in a tall tomatoe tin-can. It's fun to serve circular sandwiches.

Your blog 'smells' good!!

Crafty Gardener

There sure are inviting smells drifting my way :)

laughing purple goldfish

karen... that foccacia looks divine! I'll definitely have to try that one out...


Esther - wow - an aromatic blog!!!! Thanks.


Hello Crafty Maybe we are not so far away from somehow 'sending' smells - and then, of course, the object - over the Net. Won't that be something!


Morning Laughing. Glad to hear from you. I'd like to know how your foccacia turns out; I am particularly delighted with how well it freezes and 'revives' in the toaster oven - wonder if it does the same in a microwave.

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