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Ouch! cuts from tin can edges definitely 'smart'!

For years I have made door wreaths using recycled Christmas cards
...using a template made from heavy cardboard..1. draw a circle using big mug/bowl..to make size you want
2. cut circle in half (this is the template now)
3. place 1/2 circle template on section of card that you want..cut out the beautiful part of the front of recycled Xmas cards.
4...make the cone..string them at different intervals on thick Xmas Yarn(remember to make a large knot inside the cone so it does not slip down
5...make loads of strings...attach them to a big red velvet Xmas bow...and give them out as Door wreaths/decorations.
I'll post the picture on my blog http://estherwoodwork.blogspot.com/


I look forward to seeing a picture of this - I have an idea of what you mean but the photo will help.

laughing purple goldfish

what a wonderful recycling idea... I HAVE to try this (sometime! add it to the list, I guess)

time to start saving my lids :)


I love this idea!
I cannot pass by a can of tin with lovely colors, and my collection grows. Now I know what to do with some of them!
And thanks for the comment on my blog :-)


Hello laughing. Since that post I have come across a simplified way of making them but have yet to try it. Will report on it when I do. And yes, it's one of those "add to the list" things - love that "list" aspect of life!

And mereteveian - I don't think I know of tin cans in colours......???!!!!!

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