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Crafty Gardener

Very creative. I love this idea.


Unbelievable!!! what a neat idea to make rubber boots look 'classy'!!!
I enjoy your blog so very much!
Missed you at the Knitter's Guild today...


thanks for the cute tute. now i have to start looking for these at the thrift store. i'd best put it on my list.


that is so cute my mom made my little brother and sister some of thows


Hello Breah Thanks for telling me that your mom made these - they are fun.


I saw these on the knottybynature.blogspot and just had to come look at how you did these - what a GREAT idea...now I need to find my 'old' scissors to cut up my boots that sit in the back of the closet!!

Thanks Karen


You are welcome, Katherine. I think you will be quite pleased with the 'evolution'. And if you personalize yours, let me know.


Me thinks I'm going to do something like this with my Duck Boots. Thank you for the ideas!


Hi Toni. You are welcome!


Heh- very cute , but useless for our family- our puddles are a bit deeper methinks,lol!


The image of your deep deep puddles gave me pause and then a chuckle - heck, those must be ponds! Thanks, Kit.

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