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I also hate cold greens. Ice cream, gin and tea are good cold, everything else room temp or hot. (tea is good hot too, scalding in fact).
Breakfast salad No2: Take one seeded or onion bagel. Lightly toast. Add baby spinach sprinkled lightly with balsamic vinegar, roasted tomatoes, fresh onion slices, really crispy bacon. Hot coffee. Eat.
Breakfast salad No3: Freash fruit salad, bio yoghurt, spoonful of museli, drizzle of maple syrup. Hot tea. Yum
Can you tell that breakfast is my favorite meal? :)


Hi Kruse You've expanded on usual breakfast fare - I particularly like the stacked bagel idea; and maple syrup always gets my attention. I wonder if crisping bacon a lot tames the nitrate (or is it nitrite) issue? Hope so! Chuckle.


Oh no, don't spoil my bacon love! Nitrates?
I always eat organic if that helps.


Seems to me the enjoyment is the key.

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